Welcome to Inter-active Series ( iaSeries.com ) a first of its kind interactive video series, which allows users to interact and decide the outcome of the stories.

With a diverse offering of content, award winning actors, directors and a top of the line production team, we strive to deliver content that engages our audience across different genres like fiction, reality and documentaries making our viewers part of the story and our team.


iaSeries.com started in November 2015 with its first web series “Somewhere Else” – a four episodes web series. Everything started when film producer Kevin Canache contacted actor Alexis Vanegas and actress Isis Carranza to pitch the project to them .
After a few weeks, “Somewhere Else” was a reality and so it’s iaSeries.com

Attention Independent Producers

If you are an independent producer and has everything to shoot and edit your own mini-series with the style of an interactive series, contact us so we can review your project and approve it to be at iaSeries.com

Currently iaSeries.com is not paying Independent Producers to make the series, but you’re more than welcome to accept sponsors in your episodes in order to make money. We put the audience and platform, and you produce your own interactive series. You can contact us at: kevin@iaseries.com

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