Synopsis: Tomas (Mauricio Novoa) and Sebastian (Bryan Batista) have a dark past. It’s time for them to erase the shadows of the past when they decide to find Martin (Fernando Guillen), a priest from the school where they grew up.

Director: Roberto Huicochea
Producer: Kevin Canache
Actors: Fernando Guillén (as Martin), Mauricio Novoa (as Tomas), and Bryan Batista (as Sebastian)

Production Details:
Production Company: / Actor’s Studio by Huicochea
Number of Episodes: 4
Shooting Locations: Miami, FL. USA
Format: 4k
Year: 2017
Language: Spanish (with English subtitles)


Short Film

After a web series is finished, a short film version is made with all episodes of the web series. Enjoy the whole story in this short film.


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Shooting Episode 1
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