Tag: fiction

The Ticket

Synopsis: Not everything is what it seems and life sometimes can surprise you. A winning lottery ticket is lost, but only a smart person would find it.

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Synopsis: Tomas (Mauricio Novoa) and Sebastian (Bryan Batista) have a dark past. It’s time for them to erase the shadows of the past when they decide to find Martin (Fernando Guillen), a priest from the school where they grew up.

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The Red String

Synopsis: An autistic girl finds herself in a room with no way out. She looks for a missing red string, but first she needs to get out of the room with the help of three tools that she finds in there: a pill, an old camera, and a notebook.

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Somewhere Else

Synopsis: Aleko wakes up lying on the bushes. He doesn’t remember anything from last night. Now he needs to put the pieces together to figure out what happened the night before.

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