Somewhere Else

Synopsis: Aleko wakes up lying on the bushes. He doesn’t remember anything from last night. Now he needs to put the pieces together to figure out what happened the night before.

Producer/Director: Kevin Canache
Actors/Actresses: Alexis Vanegas, Isis Carranza

Production Details:
Production Company:
Number of Episodes: 4
Shooting Locations: Miami, FL. USA
Format: 4k
Year: 2015


After a web series is finished, a short film version is made with all episodes of the web series. Enjoy the whole story in this short film.


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Short Film made for "Somewhere Else"
Last Episode of "Somewhere Else"
Shooting Episode 03
Shooting Episode 02
Trailer for "Somewhere Else" done.
First Episode done!
Shooting Episode 01
Cast meeting.
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